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Secret Seattle

How do you get the most out of your time in Seattle? Why not ask a Seattleite what to see and do? There is always something happening in Seattle to suit everybody's tastes, the most difficult part is finding everything as sadly some of the best local attractions and popular activities aren't highly publicized to visitors.

To help you find some of Seattle's best kept secrets we've asked our team of Seattle natives to recommend their favorite places to visit in Seattle.

Top Hidden Seattle Attractions

Here's a list of the top suggestions from the team.

Washington Park Arboretum

This arboretum is unique in America because it offers the possibility of exploring the plants by a kayak. The arboretum covers an area of more than 230 acres and it contains about 4000 different species of plants, shrubs and trees. There are specially designed places for picnic and even for running or jogging. Don't hesitate to bring your kids here because they won't get bored. If you are interested in seeing the plants we recommend you to reserve at least 2-3 hours for this activity. The arboretum is opened as long as there is natural light outside. There is no admission fee.

Space Needle

If you are passing through Seattle there are 99% chances that you've seen the Space Needle at least once. It is that tall structure which looks like a giant UFO. Not many people know that you can actually climb to the top of the structure and admire the city from there. Now that's a view! To visit the needle only once during the day it costs approximately $20, but if you want to visit it both during the day and during the night, you can purchase a double ticket for $26. The view is absolutely amazing. On the top deck there are some magnifying lunettes which provide impressive landscapes.

Seattle Pinball Museum

An entertaining way of spending the day with your family is by visiting the Pinball Museum. You probably already know what pinball is and you know how addicting it can get. At this museum there are more than 50 pinball machines, each working on normal parameters. The oldest pinball machine dates from 1960. Besides playing pinball you can also serve a nice cold drink or have a quick snack. The good thing about the museum is that once you paid the entry fee you have full access to all the machines. It costs around $15 for an adult to enter at this museum. Remember, once you've entered, you can leave whenever you want.

Alpental Ski Area

If you visit Seattle during the winter, a visit to the Alpental Ski area is mandatory. This ski course is specially designed for medium or expert skiers, but there are a few areas where the beginners can learn the basics. Even though it is located about 40 miles away from downtown, it is the closest ski location to Seattle. Due to the perfect illuminating conditions you can visit the Alpental Ski Area at night; you won't have much problem in finding your way to the bottom of the slope. Overall, it's the best place to be if you like skiing.

Japanese Tea Garden

Have you ever wondered how a Japanese garden looks like? Well, now you have the chance of seeing exact that. The Japanese Tea Garden is without a doubt one of the cleanest places in Seattle. The grass seems to be greener than normal and all the bushes are cut to symmetrical shapes. There's also a small lake where you can admire a pair of turtles, koi fish and some exotic birds. It is a quiet place which has great relaxing properties. For only a few dollars everyone can come here and admire the beauty of this place which reflects the Japanese culture perfectly.

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